Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science Volume: 5, Issue: 3, July 2017


ISSN No.: 2320-0898 (Print); 2320-0928 (Electronic)

DOI:  10.22607/IJACS.2017.503006



Research Article


      Ultrasonic Studies on Binary Liquid Mixtures of Triethylamine with Carbitols at 308.15 K    
S. Bahadur Alisha*, S. Nafeesabanu, K. S. V. Krishna Rao, M. C. S. Subha*, K. Chowdoji Rao
Densities and ultrasonic velocities of binary liquid mixtures of triethylamine with carbitols, methyl carbitol, ethyl carbitol and butyl carbitol, have been measured at 308.15 K. The observed data have been utilized to calculate various acoustical parameters such as isentropic compressibility (KS), intermolecular free length (Lf), and acoustic impedance (Z). The various excess properties such as excess ultrasonic velocity (uE), excess acoustic impedance (ZE), excess isentropic compressibility (KSE), and excess intermolecular free length (LfE) were calculated. The results were discussed in terms of the existence of intermolecular interactions between the components in the liquid mixtures under the study.

Key words: Ultrasonic velocity, Triethylamine, Cellosolves, Carbitols, Excess isentropic compressibility, Excess intermolecular free length, Excess acoustic impedance.



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