Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science Volume: 5, Issue: , September 2017


ISSN No.: 2320-0898 (Print); 2320-0928 (Electronic)

DOI:  10.22607/IJACS.2017.504002



Research Article


      Ultrasonic Studies on the Molecular Interaction of Certain Aliphatic Dialdehyde Compounds with Ethylenediamine in n-Hexane at Different Temperature    
Y. Geetha, S. Chidambara Vinayagam*
Acoustical parameters are calculated for three ternary systems of ethylenediamine and different dialdehydes such as glyoxal, glutaraldehyde, and succinaldehyde in n-hexane medium from the measurement of ultrasonic velocity, density, and viscosity at 303K, 308K, and 313K. From these data, acoustical parameters such as adiabatic compressibility, free length, free volume, internal pressure, absorption coefficient, viscous relaxation time, available volume, cohesive energy, Lenard-Jones potential, free energy of activation, formation constant, and molecular interaction parameter have been evaluated. From the measurements, investigated the complex formation through intermolecular hydrogen bonding between dialdehyde and ethylenediamine. Excess thermo acoustic parameters conclude the existence of hydrogen-bonded complexes between dialdehyde and amine.

Key words: Dialdehyde, Ethylenediamine, Intermolecular hydrogen bond, Excess parameter.



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