Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science Volume: 5, Issue 4: , September 2017


ISSN No.: 2320-0898 (Print); 2320-0928 (Electronic)

DOI:  10.22607/IJACS.2017.504003



Research Article


      Solute-solute and Solute-solvent Interactions of Paracetamol in Aqueous Solutions of β-cyclodextrin at Different Temperatures: A Volumetric and Viscometric Approach    
Abhijit Sarkar, Habibur Rahaman, Uttam Kumar Singha, Biswajit Sinha*

The densities and viscosities of paracetamol in aqueous b-cyclodextrin solutions with several molal concentrations m = (0.001-0.007) mol kg−1 of b-cyclodextrin were determined at T = 298.15-318.15 K under atmospheric pressure. The inclusion has been studied using ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy. Using experimental data apparent molar volume (φV), standard partial molar volume (0Vϕ), the slope (SV*), standard isobaric partial molar expansibility (ϕE0) and its temperature dependence (-E0PT), the viscosity B-coefficient, and solvation number (Sn) were determined. Free energies of activation of viscous flow per mole of the solvents (μ 10) and the solute (μ 20) are also calculated. Various results revealed that the solutions are characterized predominantly by solute-solvent interactions and paracetamol behaves as a long-range structure maker.


Key words: Apparent molar volumes, Viscosity B-coefficients, Paracetamol, Aqueous b-cyclodextrin solutions, Solvation number, Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy.





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