Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science Volume: 5, Issue 4: , September 2017


ISSN No.: 2320-0898 (Print); 2320-0928 (Electronic)

DOI:  10.22607/IJACS.2017.504008



Research Article


      Corrosion Studies of ZA-27/Red Mud Metal Matrix Composites in Sodium Chloride and Sodium Hydroxide Medium by Static Weight Loss Method    
H. V. Jayaprakash*, P. V. Krupakara

Weight loss corrosion studies of ZA-27/red mud metal matrix composites are studied in this research work. Metal matrix composites show improved corrosion resistance than meals and alloys. They find their application in automobile and air craft industries. ZA-27 is a commercially available alloy. Red mud is a waste obtained after the removal of ZA-27 from its ore. ZA-27 is reinforced with 2, 4, and 6 weight percentage of red mud particulates by liquid melt metallurgy technique using vortex method. Machined specimen was subjected to microstructural studies. Weight loss corrosion tests were carried out according to ASTM standards G-69 in sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide mediums. Tests were conducted up to 96 h with 24 h interval. Corrosion rate was found to be decreased with increase in exposure time in both mediums. Effect of exposure time and presence of increased percentage of reinforcement red mud is discussed in detail


Key words:  Red mud, Vortex, Composites, Corrosion



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