Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science Volume: 5, Issue 4: , September 2017


ISSN No.: 2320-0898 (Print); 2320-0928 (Electronic)

DOI:  10.22607/IJACS.2017.504014



Research Article


      DNA Binding and Biological Activities of Ternary Copper(II) Complexes Containing L-valine and Urea    
P. C. Saravanan, M. Murali Krishnan, M. N. Arumugham

Ternary copper complexes [Cu(phen)(L-val)U)] 1 and [Cu(bpy)(L-val)U)] 2 (phen - 1,10-phenanthroline bpy - 2,2’-bipyridyl, L-val - L-valine and U - Urea), have been synthesized and characterized by CHN analysis, electronic absorption, infrared, and electron paramagnetic resonance spectral studies. They have been tested for their in vitro DNA binding activities by the spectroscopic methods such as ultraviolet-visible spectral studies, emission spectral studies, viscosity, and cyclic voltammetry measurement. The antibacterial and antifungal studies suggested that complexes possess potential biological activities.


Key words: L-valine, Heterocyclic bases, Cu(II) complex, DNA binding.



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