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Preparation and characterization of microcapsules containing linseed oil and its use in self-healing coatings
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Novel nanocomposite membranes of sodium alginate filled with polyaniline-coated titanium dioxide for dehydration of 1, 4-dioxane/water mixtures
BG Lokesh, KSVK Rao, KM Reddy, KC Rao, PS Rao
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Interpenetrating polymer network microspheres of hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose/poly (vinyl alcohol) for control release of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride
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Synthesis and characterization of pH sensitive poly (hydroxy ethyl methacrylate-co-acrylamidoglycolic acid) based hydrogels for controlled release studies of 5-fluor...
KM Rao, B Mallikarjuna, KSV Krishna Rao, K Sudhakar, KC Rao, ...
International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials 62 …, 2013
Preparation and characterization of pH sensitive poly (vinyl alcohol)/sodium carboxymethyl cellulose IPN microspheres for in vitro release studies of an anti-cancer d...
KM Rao, B Mallikarjuna, KSVK Rao, MN Prabhakar, KC Rao, MCS Subha
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Pervaporation studies of sodium alginate (SA)/dextrin blend membranes for separation of water and isopropanol mixture
M Saraswathi, KM Rao, MN Prabhakar, CV Prasad, K Sudakar, ...
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A facial synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some pyrazole derivatives carrying indole
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Ultrasonic velocity and density studies in binary liquid mixtures of N, N-dimethyl-formamide with 2-methoxyethanol, 2-ethoxyethanol and 2-butoxyehanol at 308.15 K
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Effects of added dotab on the cmc and enthalpy of micelle formation at 298.2 K for CTAB (aq)
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Preparation and characterization of nanoparticle‐filled, mixed‐matrix membranes for the pervaporation dehydration of isopropyl alcohol
CV Prasad, B Yeriswamy, H Sudhakar, P Sudhakara, MCS Subha, ...
Journal of applied Polymer science 125 (5), 3351-3360, 2012
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